Preview and Ordering Information

  • Professional Development Opportunities

    Lots of opportunities from free videos to 10 day workshops at your school, and everything in between
  • What we do ?

    We Provide a forum for teachers and STEM professionals to demonstrate the application of engineering, science and mathematics concepts by sharing their real-world experiences with local pre-university educators

  • Participants of the program can

    • Design practical projects for pre-university students
    • Teach hands-on engineering topics
    • Supply concepts and content for classroom learning
    • Develop interesting lesson plans
    • Recognize outstanding pre-university educators
    • Everything You Wanted to Know About Electric Motors but Were Afraid to Ask

    • Light Waves and Spectroscopes & Get Connected with Ohm’s Law

    • Build Your Own Robot Arm ,Simple Machines & Working Models with Household Items

    • Contribute to the Future of Engineering Influence the next generation of engineers, scientists and mathematicians by working with schools and teachers to develop quality education programs.