Middle School Curriculum

  • Middle School

  • The program consists of hundreds of activities that have been carefully designed and extensively tested to assure that students learn specific academic content. These activities are organized into”Learning Cycles” that allow the student to explore and apply the content. Throughout the process teachers provide guidance and monitor student understanding. Teachers are encouraged to ask appropriate questions rather than provide specific answers.

    The learning cycles from the original program have been carefully reviewed and selected to specifically meet educational standards in mathematics and science as determined by individual states and/or nationally developed standards.

    Our activities address a number of national education standards

  • Brain Waves 2 Program

    ✪ Grade Six Curriculum
    ✪ Grade Seven Curriculum
    ✪ Grade Eight Curriculum

    Custom Brain waves 2

    ✪ North Carolina
    ✪ Texas
    ✪ California
    ✪ Next Generation Science Standards
    ✪ Common Core Mathematics

    National Standards

    ✪ Common Core Content – Mathematics
    ✪ National Science Education Standards
    ✪ Standards for Technological Literacy